Tour Operator

Tour Operator

Operadora de Viagens

Welcome to the evolution in service for Tour Operators

Discover the ideal emergency service solution for tour operators.

Taking care of demands outside business hours is not an easy task. America BPO offers resources to boost your sales while reducing costs. Since 2013, we have helped tour operators to perform better through the best service and enchantment experience, following all the procedures and guidelines of your company.


Customer Loyalty

Your customers need the security of knowing that their tour operator will be there when they need it. Unforeseen events don’t have time to happen, serve your customer outside business hours, build customer loyalty and sell more.


No labor risk

Leaving a company employee with their cell phone in hand after working hours can be a risk for your company. Outsource with America BPO and sleep peacefully, risk-free.

We value customer delight

America BPO prides itself on providing end-to-end customer service while our competitors worry about opening incident reports.

With a friendly and trained staff, we are ready to help with problems ranging from passenger problem solving during travel to new sales.

Our team is bilingual and has a first call SLA of no more than 60 seconds. Fast isn’t it?


Together with our customers, we create a service script for each occasion. Below are some types of incidents that we can help with:

  • Novas vendas
  • Assistência ao viajante em apuros
  • Cotações
  • Orientações gerais
  • Checkin
  • Reconfirmação de viagens
  • Alterações

Some customers we love

Still have questions?

How does outsourcing for tour operators work?

It’s simpler than you might think! We create a service script according to your company guidelines and follow it to the letter as if we were a collaborator who normally works with you.

Is outsourcing my service safe?

Since 2013, we have helped companies like yours in several countries to boost their business and achieve better results. We maintain a contract with all our customers with our responsibilities and due confidentiality. Here you and your customers are treated with affection, as if they were our own customers (and in fact they are!)

What is the standard of service?

We have the possibility of a high level of customization. For each customer, a service script is created that must be approved by all those involved before the start of operations.

What is the implementation timeline?

It depends on the complexity of your service and the release of access to your systems and suppliers. On average it takes no more than 7 business days.

Which phone will my customer call?

Each tour operator has a unique phone number. This way we can identify your customers on each call and maintain a high level of service without our company being disclosed to your customer.

Your customer can call us on this exclusive phone or call the number he is used to calling during business hours and the call will be automatically transferred to us in emergency hours.

Do you send a report of each service?

Yea! For each occurrence we will send a detailed report with relevant information for its management and follow-up.

Do you have a service SLA?

90% of our incoming calls are answered within 60 seconds.

What service channels are available?

  • Telephone
  • Email (
  • Whatsapp
  • Your company’s booking portal

Are calls recorded?

Yea! All calls are recorded for up to 90 days.

When answering a call, will my customers know about America BPO?

No! We will not appear at any time for your customers or suppliers. We wear the shirt and we will always relate on behalf of your company. The service is completely whitelabeled.

America BPO - Your great friend outside of business hours

Bespoke Reports

Each tour operator company. Therefore, we customize each service report to meet the needs of each client. For each occurrence, we send a detailed case report.

Customized customer care

Together with your company, we will develop a service script for each type of occurrence in the same standards that you already use during business hours.

SLA 60 seconds

We don’t like to wait and I think our customers don’t either. That’s why 90% of our calls are answered within 60 seconds.

Boost your sales

We improve the customer experience with fast and accurate information.

24x7 friendly support

We’re always here, so you can rest easy when your phone rings at dawn with a passenger in trouble.

Bilingual support

Here our customers have no communication problems with our team. We can serve you in several languages, check it out!

Why choose America BPO?

No setup fees

Simple and easy with the help of our team to implement.

Free cancelation

Our customers stay with us because they like our service and not because of penalties that prevent cancellation.

Ultra fast service

We really appreciate the service time. Our customers don’t spend more than 60 seconds on hold on the phone.

Service on your own terms

We adapt to the script and procedures that your company uses during business hours, maintaining the same standard without any impact on the customer.

Some systems and vendors we have skills

outsourcing travel services

Know how it works

Our contract has no penalties and no small letters.
Definition of service
We will set up a service script that will be triggered for each type of occurrence.
Specialist training
Once we have the scripts defined and approved by your company. Our team undergoes an immersion into your company's processes.
Let's make the magic happen
All ready! We will run our service and send you a detailed report for each service.